Bedroom Furniture Ideas to Make the Space Look Bigger

The charm and challenges of both the mid-sized and small bedroom spaces are legit. However, the latter overpowers the former when dealing with furniture choices while remodeling this area. Your furniture units portray your conscious efforts in demonstrating how well they are placed, making the bedroom look bigger than it actually is.

While you can always plus and minus your worldly possessions to make your sleeping sanctuary less cramped, what makes it smooth for you is the bedroom furniture. All that is required is some key adjustments and a sense of attentively arranging the staples here and there. Below are six bedroom furniture ideas to make your space look bigger and better.

Avoid Large Furniture Units

A bedroom with small, medium-sized furniture units

Start with the easiest! Look for the units that are of the appropriate size for your space. Make sure you measure the actual square footage before making amendments in faking one. Bigger furniture pieces not only take up more space but also pull the attention to that particular section. Well-proportioned furnishings balance the visuals and give the illusion of a bigger room.

Pick Furniture With Tapered Legs

Furniture with tapered legs

For an airy, open feel in the bedroom, give your furniture a good lift. Select pieces that have thin, tapered legs. You may experiment with contemporary nightstands or a bed that offers a slight ground clearance. The featured bedroom setup has the bed and nightstands lifted up above the ground, allowing space, light, and air to flow around.

Choose Lofty Pieces Over Wider Units

Choose lofty units and not wider pieces

One of the easiest tricks to make cramped areas look bigger is to give a lofty impression. For instance, instead of wide headboards, you can opt for a visually subtle design that is tall and shapely. As beautiful as the large, chunky headboards look, they are not the right fit for every interior scheme. Here, a lofty headboard is instantly drawing attention upwards and creating an impression of a taller space. Also, its dark tone positively blends with the light-hued wall.

Use A Floor-Length Mirror

Install a floor-length mirror

Another very common yet very effective way of offering space illusion is to play with mirrors. It is not just a useful hack in decorating contemporary homes and giving them a functional yet fashionable twist but also makes a tight nook appear larger. Place a floor-length mirror adjacent to the window panel to reflect natural light in the room and open up space to the eye.

Be Mindful With Scaling

Don't miss on the proportions

To maximize space, you have to have the scaling done right. A king-sized bed, for instance, will not make sense with two tiny nightstands flanking its side. Instead, a bed size that welcomes one or both of the nightstands without getting the space squeezed will keep everything pleasing to the eye and balanced. Again, choose tall and narrow units rather than wide and short.

Use Sconces Instead of Table Lamps

Make use of sconces & wall lights

Make a small but significant change in the bedroom lighting scheme with wall sconces. If you’re struggling with the space, which makes you compromise on the width and height of the nightstand, install wall lights or sconces to get flair and functionality. With sconces next to your bed and above your nightstand, you can create a bold statement then and there. It also adds to a contemporary look that you might have been looking for.

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