How to Decorate your House in a Contemporary Style

Contemporary design is emerging as one of the most popular choices among designers and architects all across the globe. Whether it is furnishing the house from scratch or simply upgrading the interiors, more and more people are incorporating this style into their home decor plan.

In the field of interior design, every style has its own characteristics – traditional pieces carry a classic appeal, modern schemes look sleek and simple, industrial decor exhibits rawness, and so on. But what’s so special about contemporary interior design? Let’s find out!

Contemporary Interior Design: Key Elements

Contemporary interiors feature clean lines and minimalism

Often confused with modern design, contemporary style refers to a decor plan that showcases what’s going on at the moment, which is why it keeps evolving with time. It’s an ideal choice for those who love upgrading their decor as per the latest design trends. This style combines the timeless beauty of classics with modern functionality, creating alluring aesthetics that beautifully complement your elegant interiors.

To implement the contemporary design in your decor, it’s vital first to understand the fundamental aspects of this form. Read on to find out the key elements of contemporary interior design:

  • Streamlined silhouettes: Contemporary interiors feature clean lines, geometric shapes, and strong, visible silhouettes. 
  • Minimalism: Contemporary spaces are decluttered and focus on the architectural elements rather than the accessories in the room.
  • Neutral color scheme: The color palette used in contemporary decor essentially includes shades of white, cream, grey, and taupe. 
  • Natural material: From wooden furniture to cotton fabric upholstery, all major compositions in contemporary design are dominated by natural materials.

Contemporary Design Ideas for your home

1. Create Multi-Functional Spaces

Create multi-functional spaces using stylish furnishings

Arrange furnishings to allow you to use a single room for multiple purposes. You can use desks that double up as vanity or sectionals that can be configured in various ways for a dynamic setting. Similarly, the open space in the kitchen can be used for dining.

2. Keep It Natural

Room with natural elements - big windows and oversized plants

As mentioned above, the contemporary furnishings are majorly composed of natural materials. Besides, you can add oversized planters at the corners and flowers inside little vases atop the cocktail table to ensure a refreshing ambiance. Also, keep the windows open for an unobstructed view of the outdoors while allowing natural light in the room.

3. Introduce Textural Depth

Furnishings adding textural depth to the room

From the upholstered sofas to the area carpets on the floor, the fabrics must showcase rich texture without being loud. In other words, add drama but with sophistication. Go for neutral hues, two-tone prints, and geometric patterns for a perfectly designed contemporary look. Keep the flooring simple and rugs low pile.

4. Add a Pop of Color

Blue and green shades of cushions and artwork accentuate the decor

With all the primary furnishings in the house clad in neutral colors, you can accentuate the overall scheme by adding a pop of color through the artworks, cushions, throws, vases, table lamps, and other home accessories. This will help you upgrade the space to your mood without disturbing the overall decor.

5. Use Focused Illumination

Gleaming chandeliers adding focused illumination

The lighting in a contemporary space is usually intentional. Use pendants and sconces to create focussed illumination highlighting a particular painting on the wall. A chandelier would work great as a statement piece if it’s an open space. Moreover, choose the material of the fixture wisely. For example, install a stainless steel pendant instead of a conventional floor lamp that adds a decorative touch while brightening the room.

6. Balance Out the Aesthetics

Storage cabinets keep the space clutter-free

In a contemporary design, every interior element should have a purpose. So, keep the room clutter-free and neatly arranged. Use storage units like cabinets, sideboards, and consoles in your open plan living room and kitchen. This way, your belongings will be kept in one place while the surfaces would be clean and available for displaying artful accessories. 

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