Six Ways How Our Spaces Make Our Mood

Luxury home decor has a huge impact on our behavior and the actions we take. If we feel down someday, it may be because of the dull decorative pieces, the wrong arrangement of the coffee table, or the flashy color of the couch. Improving our spaces’ mood proves to be therapeutic for our mental health. Elevating areas with luxury decor elements promotes inner well-being, much like the spiritual transformation we witness during Ramadan.

Here, in this blog, we focus on six easily achievable ways that help our spaces grow beautifully so that they not only add to the visual quotient but also suit and improve our mood and behavior. And since Eid is around the corner, let’s also dive into some festive ideas to deck up the home bright and cozy.

Upholstery & Furnishings Refresh

An upholstery update for a fresh and vibrant living room setting

Be it any festive season or taking time out for family after a regular day at work, an inviting space that keeps us connected, makes us happy, and fosters communication is important. A cozy, luxe living area with furnishings having comfortable upholstery will undoubtedly add to the emotional connection and make us feel fresh and vibrant.

Scented Candles For A Fresh Festive Mood

Scented candles enhance festive mood

One of the easiest ways to re-energize and channel a state of calm is to light a candle with a rich aroma. As scented candles enhance the spiritual vibes in festive times, they also make spaces more hospitable. Areas including the foyer, bathroom, and Majlis truly impact one’s positive mood when filled with relaxing scents.

Distinguished Artwork

Modern artwork evokes joy and positivity

In combination with other elements, modern artwork plays a vital role in evoking a sense of positivity and joy. When elevating spaces with the right decor, adding up pieces that are contemporary and distinguished will level up the aesthetic game and promote social interaction. Such creative pieces also bring out creativity and are ideal for constant activity areas like the lounge, kitchen, and workspace.

The Theory of Colors

Colors can make or break a deal

Perhaps the most important aspect that energizes the mind is none other than colors. The right choice of colors is a powerful tool in keeping up emotional well-being. As per studies, colors offer varying psychological properties, including increased and decreased heart rate, calming brain muscles, and stimulating senses. Shades of greens, neutral browns, and soft blues make you feel intimate, cozy, and relaxed. While bright yellows and monochromes come in the category of happy colors, channeling comfort.

Exquisite & Premium Tableware

A beautiful tablescape encourages joyful conversations

When it comes to creating a happy mood with family and friends, luxury dining furniture takes charge of a cozy and joyful setting. However, the elegant furniture sets complete the visual dynamic with exquisite tableware that helps create a beautiful tablescape. From traditional accents to modern interpretations with intricate carvings, premium tableware amps up the food presentation, making our hearts and eyes shine.

Textures to Fade Away Harsh Spaces

Textures lend depth and a sense of well-being

Considering textures is possibly the best way to lift up warmth and comfort. Adding layers lends depth and adds a sense of well-being and familiarity. While wooden elements offer an earthy, natural feel, woven pieces transform rough or harsh spaces into a soft contrast. Fabrics undoubtedly give a nurturing feel, and when teamed up with luxurious rugs and carpets, they create a cozy corner to refresh and recharge.

In a world where stress, anxiety, and depression run round the clock, making our spaces the reason behind our balanced lifestyle works like a magic pill. The right decor not just elevates the space but adds to our well-being too. That’s Living, and its partnered brands offer luxurious home furnishings and decor range that suit every modern interior game. Our collection is timeless with modern elegance. Visit to know more.

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