Sunburst-Patterned Mirrors That Are Pretty & Practical

Sunburst mirrors for homes

Mirrors play a significant role in defining the decor of a room. Apart from being used for grooming in the restrooms and vanity, these objects have a huge potential for stylizing any space. When placed correctly, mirrors not only beautify the interiors but also create the illusion of space by reflecting light.

Sunburst mirrors are historically attributed to King Louis XIV of France – the self-styled “Sun King” who adored the Sun and its rays so much that he chose it as his emblem. Today, you will easily find various materials and finishes being used to design sunburst mirrors for all parts of homes. It has become a timeless piece of decor blending with any interior style, from Mid-Century Modern to Traditional ones.

I’m Fascinated

I’m Fascinated Mirror in the bedroom

Surrounded by pattern-cut mirrors in clear and Bronze hues, this magnificent mirror creates a focal point in any space. Showcasing the beauty of the sunburst layout, the piece features a clear mirror at the center, accentuated by an array of asymmetrical spokes creating visual interest in the room. It works equally well with the hallway console or the dining sideboard.

Nikki Mirror

A pair of Nikki Mirror frames accentuating the living room set

Boasting an irregular sunburst frame, the Nikki mirror looks great when hung in pairs above a plush sofa. Its Vintage Brass finish conveys timeless elegance, while the beveled mirror beautifully reflects the decorative surroundings. Inspired by 17th Century art, this piece makes a distinguished style statement in your interiors.

Solaris Mirror

Solaris Mirror showcases unmatched beauty

Carrying a regal visual appeal, the Solaris Mirror takes inspiration from the motifs featured in the 17th Century Gate of Honor of the Palace of Versailles. Its sunburst silhouette is beautified with several spokes of varying scales bathed in a Gold finish, complementing any luxurious setting in a heartbeat. The round mirror glass at the center completes the design with perfection.

Reflections Mirror

Reflections mirror encourages conversations in the living room

With its captivating beauty, the Reflections Mirror acts as a great conversation starter in a living room. When placed on the wall along with other decorative objects, this piece ensures impressive aesthetics in any decor style. The layout, including so many circular elements, looks inviting and ensures harmony in terms of design.

Mirror Helios

This trio of Mirror Helios creates a compelling visual impact

Clean and contemporary, this sunburst mirror will instantly light up your interiors with subtle sophistication. Carrying a Mid-Century Modern appeal, these mirrors create a compelling visual impact when used in pairs. Hang them on a huge wall behind the sofa or place them over the headboard in the bedroom.

Arlette Wall Mirror Gold Leaf

Arlette Wall Mirror beautifies the sideboard with its Gold Leaf look

Carrying a luxurious look and feel, this sunburst mirror is quite a treat to the eyes, irrespective of its position in a room. Place it behind the console in a hallway, or hang it on a wall to complement your living room decor. Bathed in Gold Leaf and showcasing quality craftsmanship, this piece will seamlessly match your contemporary furnishings.

Allure Round Mirror

Allure Round Mirror Sunburst
Allure Round Mirror creates captivating aesthetics in pairs

Hung in pairs, this ravishing mirror clad in Silver Leaf finish creates a perfectly warm and inviting ambiance. Featuring delicate varnishing with resin cast, this sunburst-themed piece is perfect for accentuating the otherwise simple room. Place vases with fresh flowers or other home accessories that reflect in the mirror, creating captivating aesthetics.

Calista Metal Mirror

Calista Metal Mirror goes well with other furnishings from the collection

Ideally suited for modern interiors, the Calista Mirror from Bernhardt blends well with other furnishings from the collection. Wrapped in Polished Stainless Steel, its open frame creates stunning wall art, while the non-beveled mirror at the center reflects beautiful objects placed in the room. 

Soleii Silver Mirror

Soleii Sunburst Mirror
Soleii Silver Mirror is an excellent choice for foyers and hallways

Composed of thin Stainless Steel rods, this sunburst mirror is a perfect addition to your hallway or dining room. The three-layer frame clad in Silver is quite appealing and helps create a soothing ambiance. When placed opposite a big window, it will reflect natural light, illuminating the space better than any artificial light.

Lucite Modern Mirror

Lucite Modern Mirror in Sunburst Pattern
This arrangement of Lucite Modern Mirror creates an alluring ambiance

Available in various sizes and finishes, the Lucite mirror exhibits a seamless blend of materials. Its Stainless Steel frame is covered in Polished Nickel finish creating a stunning spectacle. The Clear Acrylic tubes guard the edges, forming a sunburst design. It will match well with Silver or Nickel finished furnishings.

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