Baobab’s Artistic and Exquisite Fragrances to Spruce your Home with

Elegant, chic furniture and other intriguing forms of art make a prominent part of your home interiors, but what completes the space’s mood are the fresh, seasonal, and luxury fragrances. Setting the right ambiance for dinner time, a relaxing bubble bath, a fun family get-together, or even a mundane day, scented candles do it all for you. They transport you to different places, making your favorite moments more special.

The other name for luxury aromas is Baobab. Beauty, colors, patterns, and soothing scents from the Baobab candle and diffuser collection keep one warm, delightful, and fresh all day long. Spicy, sweet, citrus, and many other enchanting fragrances define the exquisite range from the renowned brand.

Ahead in this blog are Baobab’s five curated scented candles chosen for your contemporary space makeover and to get you started with an artistic olfactory experience!


Get mesmerized by the beauty of Italian palaces with Baobab’s Damasse collection. With refreshing notes of Bergamot, Musk, and Cedar, the arresting set of candles features a screen print motif in gold, red, and purple – a combination that sets the right mood for vibrant and happy places. This pattern is inspired by the famous floral fabrics that this collection is named after. Reiterate the wall hangings of vintage Roman palaces in your contemporary space for a rich, pristine vibe.

The coziness of a quiet winter evening is beyond words, and when it gets blended with the soothing aromas of Oud Wood and Saffron, it becomes nothing but homey. The Feathers scented candle and diffuser set is the perfect decorative piece for all kinds of interiors. It comes with hand-blown glass packaging that tops the game with a feathered effect. This collection invites you to embrace a warm, elegant, and relaxing atmosphere, which is equally rejuvenating.

As if it’s taken straight from the banks of Tanzania, the Stones Lazuli candle and diffuser set is a timeless piece of art, offering notes of Sea Salt and Musk. It makes you lean towards earthy fragrances, while the marbled glass jar is detailed with intense blue effects that personalize Lazuli stones. You can either use them seasonally or light them every day to uplift the good mood. As the collection is equally appealing to cosmetics, it can be the decor game-changer of your contemporary living room cum dining space.

What makes the Women Baobab collection special is its contribution towards BIG – Breast Cancer Foundation since 2018. Boasting feminine graphics in a light pink pattern, this piece is a big tribute to all the wonderful women, showing how lovely and precious they are. Ladies make the home with their warmth, affection, and styling sensibilities. This range is the perfect pick to celebrate them. To give them more power and let their femininity shine, it is blended with Powdered Rose, Magnolia, and Musk scents.

Transport yourself to the realms of the world’s largest forest, the Amazon Rainforests, with this collection. The random arrangement of turquoise, blue, and brown colors on the hand-blown opaline glass jar is a visual treat. If you fancy nature and art to the fullest, this indulging piece is the perfect choice to light up indoors. Diffusing vegetal freshness, the fragrance of Bergamot, Green Tea, and Atlas Cedar will set an intriguing mood for a relaxing bubble bath, a peaceful meditation session, or a book-reading evening.

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