Eid Special: Home Decor Ideas to Transform Your Home into Paradise

As Eid Al Adha preparations are going on in full swing, many are busy giving their homes a new, festive look. With everyone gathering in one place and creating memories that will be cherished forever, it’s crucial to prepare the perfect setting for the celebrations. From the lighting in the living room to the serving accessories in the dining room, there is a long list of decor items you’ll need to take care of. 

To help you transform your space using trendy furnishings, here are some home decor ideas for Eid that will instantly impress your guests:


The simplest way to decorate any space is to place a bunch of blooming flowers in a vase. It spreads a pleasant fragrance in the room and sets the perfect mood for a celebration. Whether you go for roses, orchids, or lilies, all you need is a lovely designer vase or jar to put them into. 

Red roses arranged beautifully inside an artistic vase

As seen in the photo above, a stunning vase adorned with web-cut details is filled with fresh red roses creating pleasant vibes in the room. Accompanying the flowers, a set of bowls can be used to display chocolates and candies, ensuring a festive mood.

Scented Candles and Diffusers

Another simple way to elevate the ambiance is by placing a set of scented candles and diffusers in the room. Your guests will undoubtedly enjoy the mesmerizing aroma when they sit around and indulge in the refreshing aroma. It will create a relaxing atmosphere, while beautifying the interiors.

Borgia Cesar candles and diffusers

The Borgia Cesar candles and diffuser feature a Grey colored hand-blown glass decorated with a lattice pattern and graphic flowers. This design takes inspiration from the wall frescos bringing an artistic touch to the decor. Besides, the fragrance of Incense, Cedar, and Amber, will totally intoxicate you.


Mirrors work great when placed at a perfect angle in the room. If you have an empty wall, hanging a bunch of mirrors is the quickest and most effective way to decorate it. The trick is to place them in a configuration that elevates the setting, and the position should be opposite the window so that it spreads natural light in the room.

A set of mirrors accentuating the wall

This set of mirrors framed in a gleaming finish creates the illusion of space and lights up the interiors with sophistication. Placed near the elegant chandelier, the reflection creates impressive decor without putting much effort. If you love this Eid decor idea, explore the wide range of mirrors on That’s Living.

Table Accessories

Whether it’s a dresser, a buffet, or even a console, there are endless possibilities for displaying your home accessories for Eid festivities. It could be a candle stand on the sideboard or a decorative object on the side table.

Table accessories placed atop a cabinet

As seen here, the set of ornate candle stands provides a perfect platform to light up the candles while the shapely tray set holds candies and dry fruits for guests. Similarly, you can use any showpiece to create a focal point in the room.


Since Eid is an ideal occasion for savoring a lavish meal with friends and family, make sure you decorate your dinner table in style. The setting should be spacious, well-lit, and arranged most elegantly. Pay special attention to the kind of dinnerware and flatware you use and ensure a delightful dining experience for your guests.

Stripes tableware set arranged beautifully on dining table

Clad in black and golden tones, this exquisite tableware from the Stripes collection features an artistic floral design on the plates. The composition at the rim creates a kaleidoscopic effect enabling instant indulgence. Placed atop the set is a napkin within an elegant ring. The entire setup looks inviting and visually appealing.

Decorative Cushions

A simple Eid decor idea that will instantly transform your room is to use a bunch of decorative pillows and cushions. No matter how sumptuous and comfy the sofa and chairs are, the arrangement will be incomplete without plush throw pillows.

Decorative pillows creating a contrast with the sofa set

Creating contrast with the blue velvet upholstery of the sofa, these decorative pillows bind the room beautifully. Ensuring utmost comfort, these pieces showcase a stunning pattern that blends perfectly with the room’s decor scheme.

Statement Lighting

Lighting is one of the most critical aspects of decor, especially when decorating the house for festive occasions. Whether greeting guests in the living room or hosting a dinner party, make sure to use statement pieces to illuminate the space.

Statement lighting fixtures placed above the dining and seating areas

The chandeliers and pendants in this picture add a bold statement creating a focal point in the room. These sophisticated fixtures beautifully blend with the plush furnishings, setting the perfect mood for festivities.

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