Furniture Buying Guide For A Millennial Home Lover

Are you a millennial shopper? If yes, this blog will help you with one of the important aspects of the modern lifestyle, buying furniture. From small apartments to condos to houses, furniture is something that makes or breaks the deal. Considering the changing demands and ease of living, millennials today invest smartly in sustainable furniture and pieces that are high on visuals. The empowered generation is conscious of the growing lifestyle needs, and hence, it requires planning to be aware of the choices for a space-savvy look.

Furniture for millennials has a range of options, depending on the budget plan, look factor, sustainability, and interior dimensions. While all this could be overwhelming, we have listed some smart ways to buy furniture that a millennial home lover would cherish in the long run.

First and Foremost, Save Space!

Measuring space matters the most. A big sofa might look fancy, but it’s not a good fit for a small space. Given the fact that millennials move from one place to another in a short span, they see less is more. Preferably, they would choose loveseats over an L-shaped unit, and everything that is portable, has pleasing looks, and saves space.

Space-savvy furniture

What makes a tiny house look spacious are the curvy silhouettes, warm hues, flowing lines, and decorative mirrors that create an illusion of a bigger space. Well-designed coffee tables, sideboards with ample shelving, sofas that work as chaises, and armless chairs can also make a difference in keeping the place put together.

Minimalism Is The New Key

For millennials, yes, it is. Not all in this generation fancy dramatic and Instagram-worthy units. This particular age group is inclined more towards contemporary minimalism. That’s Living’s exclusive range includes modern and distinguished designs that are not just practical but appealing as well, offering minimalism that’s a class apart.


They choose furniture that expresses who they are and is ethical to their lifestyles. From clean lines to neutral colors, millennials go for understated classics that make a promising impact.

Sustainability is Equally Important

Sustainable furniture is the future, and it is widely accepted and implemented by the furniture industry. Energy-efficient LED lights, natural wood finish, and vintage pieces are getting popular among millennials as they strongly believe that sustainability makes a big impact on their lifestyles.

Sustainable furniture

From coffee tables in natural wood options to eco-friendly outdoor furniture, we have a variety of home furnishing and decor range that adds to the concept of sustainable living. As they are up for anything that saves the environment, they also get the vintage-vibes right with mid-century designs and old-school designs.

Tech-friendliness & Versatility

Millennials embrace technology like no other. With flexible jobs, binge-watching their favorite shows on weekends, or simply working from home, they look for tech-friendly choices that can make their lives easy. Furniture options like a TV cabinet with a grommet hole at the back, ergonomic workstations, and fine-aligned chairs and tables bring ease and comfort to their lifestyles.

Tech-friendly & versatile furniture

Similarly, they look for versatile options, for instance, setting up an outdoor space with daybeds, loungers, armchairs, or anything in between. Easily foldable and lightweight units make way for extra seating when needed and can be moved indoors and outdoors.

What’s With The Decor?

A millennial home lover can’t skip the decor for the right amount of elegance in the ambiance. Nature-inspired fragrances, eccentric mirror designs, soft rugs, plants, and more, add to the beauty of the home.


That’s Living features some delightful editions of the Baobab candles, holders, and diffusers for a fresh and delightful aura around. For the statement look, you can bind the aesthetics with a mirror, area carpets, fresh posies, and whatnot.

Millennial furniture trends keep changing as per the needs and thoughts of the said generation. If you’re one of these buyers who wants to invest in quality pieces with beautiful craftsmanship, browse the wide range for furniture and home decor by That’s Living at and give your dream home a millennial aesthetic!

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