Home Furniture Trends 2022: A Beautiful Refresh!

2022 is half gone, but the furniture industry is in no mood to stop bringing trendy updates for a modern home anytime soon. From luxurious aesthetics to cozy comforts, the choices are endless for a beautiful interior refresh this year. While textures and layers top the game, subtle palettes and elegant curves do the talking even more.

This curated list of home furniture trends will help you with everything to style your modern, contemporary abode:

Curved Silhouettes

Straight-lined furniture has ruled for a long period of time; however, this year, curved silhouettes are offering the living spaces an unmatched yet welcoming appearance. With furniture units getting sculptural and intricate, buyers lean more towards their high visual factor. From arcs to curves to soft lines, furnishings are offered with significant drama in the designs.

Farrah Sofa Set, Caracole

Carved to impress, Caracole’s Farrah living set provides an ambiance of calm and comfort. With soft upholstery and intriguing patterns, this unit is a fine blend of materials that can make a difference in any living room environment.


The game of layers and textures is on-point in 2022. Talking about the furniture trends and decor pieces, intricately crafted sideboards, textured rugs, and tufted upholsteries elevate modern spaces. Decor elements like printed wallpapers, exquisite art pieces, and stunning mirror designs blend perfectly with the entire interior scheme.

Nailed It Sideboard, Caracole

Nailed It is a classic sideboard with elaborate motifs and a fine mix of materials. The decorative nails in a Champagne Gold finish are artfully displayed in a fan pattern across the front. This piece is made to make the contemporary living rooms shine.

Scalloped Designs

Scalloped shapes have been among the favorites for many years, and 2022 is no different. Inspired by the sea, the curvy lines offer a whimsical feel and can mostly be seen in various types of furniture units. Be it the scalloped headboards and footboards or the backrests of sofa sets or rugs, scallops are everywhere! 

Silhouette Panel Bed, Bernhardt

The gorgeous Silhouette Panel Bed from Bernhardt bestows muted elegance with a detailed scalloped bedframe and neutral color scheme. It has got vertical channel stitching that is minimalist and classy at once. Offering a sense of sophistication, this unit brings a calm, composed, and peaceful sanctuary as it should be.

Accent Lighting

This year, form has surpassed functionality for accent or statement lighting. However, makers are focussing on crafting pieces that serve the purpose of both. Not only does the accent lighting make homes beautiful when they spotlight the spaces, these units also act as standalone statements, doubling the decor duty.

Ludlow Chandelier, Eichholtz

From sculptural and decorative artwork to a curated assortment of vintage-looking pieces, That’s Living offers a wide range of accent lighting and task lighting for every corner of the house. Appealing to the eyes, these distinctive units are fascinating on the cosmetic front as well as great on the practical side.

Earthy Tones

We have never considered nature that important as during the pandemic. After being trapped for almost two years indoors, we understood well that nature needs to be there to uplift and revitalize us. From shades of green to blue to everything in between, there are plenty of furnishings, decor, and plants, to spruce up the home with soft earthy tones.

Sofa Brian, Eichholtz

Like this soothing living space featuring a velvet green Brian Sofa, calming and restorative areas leave a positive impression on our minds and lifestyles. While a variety of indoor plants add to the environmental vibe, browns and coppers mixed with blacks and grays keep the contemporary aesthetic intact.

Monochrome Palettes

If you’re someone who adores all things monochrome, you will get to see a lot of tone to tone interior designs this season. With one color, you can play around with multiple shades of decor units, furnishings, and whatnot. Statement wall sconces, rugs, credenzas, and more can give your home a wow factor.

Calista Dining Range, Bernhardt

How about this utterly ravishing dining room look? The Calista Dining range in the frame provides a welcoming and elegant feel. Drawing attention is the round dining table’s base formed by conjoined polished tubes. Shades of light gray everywhere define a look that is neutral and intriguing.

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