Must-Have Home Accessories To Amp Up Your Interior Game

What is that intriguing element that makes you invest your mind in and get inspiration from the internet when doing up homes? It’s the modern home decor accessories. Not only do they uplift the elegance of your place and come in handy on the functional front, but they also reflect who you are and the personality you resonate with. While there are endless choices to have luxury home accessories, we have listed some legit must-haves that amp up your interior game in a snap.


There is nothing pretty tableware can’t do. One of the commonly used dining room essentials, a set of bowls, plates, cutlery, and more, offers a luxurious touch to your dining table and the credenza. At That’s Living, you can find a myriad of options when it comes to decorating with crockery. Various designs, fine detailing, colors, and shapes; the choices are well suitable to add that oomph factor.


Wall Art and Other Artifacts

Art is anything and everything that leaves a lasting impression in the eyes of the beholder. From dazzling wall decor pieces to distinguished cocktail/side table jewels, one can certainly go beyond imagination with the artifacts. Study the decor scheme of your home to invite styles that complement your space. For inspiration, browse the latest home decor trends at That’s Living.

Wall art & other artifacts


Tasteful and elegant, mirrors define your space like no other. Be it carved wall frames or a minimalist piece of art, a mirror helps complete the look of any space in no time. They are practical, and they reflect your beauty each time you pass by. From entryways to bathrooms, mirrors can take an aesthetic approach in and around your home. Have a look at some of the fresh and intriguing designs at That’s Living to bring more light and space illusion to your home.



Making a huge noise in the 2022 home decor trends are the cushions and pillows. They may not be the first love of many homemakers, but cozy corners instantly boost the visual game, folks! Pretty and practical, decorative cushions can be thrown to the chairs, sofas, chaises, and benches as they get you a stylish and comfortable feel. Be it the ones in subdued hues or those with the bold prints and bright colors, That’s Living’s exclusive range would surely impress you for your indoors and out.


Scented Candles & Diffusers

What cannot be skipped is a fresh smelled home. To make your decor staples go a level up, add scented candles and diffusers to the prime areas. Make use of diffusers on the side tables near the sofa and candles on the sideboard or cocktail table-distant from fabrics. Baobab’s exclusive collection on That’s Living offers diverse fragrance options to choose from. From scents transporting you to the African forests to the fresh aroma of the oceans, these pieces allow your space to smell good at all times.

Scented candles
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