New Interior Trend Alert: Pairing Antique Furniture With Futuristic Designs

Classics never fade, and furniture is no different. Futuristic designs sure have changed the interior trends, but mixing and matching them with pieces from different eras gives your home an all-new perspective. Antique furniture designs play a decent role in offering liveliness and texture to spaces, making your home timeless. Here is some instant inspiration on how to pair the classic antiques with the current trends.

The Pareto Principle

Make the antique the statement

When you desire the best of both worlds, the 80/20 rule, aka the Pareto Principle, would make it easier for you. With all things modern, set at least one piece of furniture that has a classic charm to it. With 80 percent dedicated to the same style, philosophy, or period, you can play around with fine antiques for the remaining 20 percent. Here, the media cabinet becomes the showstopper of the featured living room look. A beautiful blend!

An Antique Sofa In A Modern Space

An antique sofa is the game-changer

Classic Chesterfields, for one, can change the ambiance of a modern living room then and there. Not only does mixing this vintage-inspired piece with the modern staples make your space define individuality, but it also becomes a focal point and looks magnificent. The Castelle collection from Eichholtz has got the striking classic elegance with a contemporary twist on tapered legs. Browse the entire range on That’s Living.

Add Earthy Tones

Earthy tones in the forefront

A dynamic combination of earthy tones in the form of decor pieces or furniture units is again something that gives instant character to your space. For instance, the Cyprus Table Lamp here is all things classy and simple. Featuring an off-white lamp shade, this botanical jungle-inspired table lamp is perfect for your subtle living, dining, or bedroom setting. For the vintage touch, it gets a ribbed rim in antique brass.

Contemporary Wall Art: A Win-Win

Contemporary wall art

When it comes to shaping interiors, you can be a stylist and play around with pieces. One of the artsy decor units that can be a win-win for both modern and classic indoors is contemporary wall art. With a few antique furniture units here and there in your space, pair a bold and stately wall art that offers a show-stopping look.

Add Modern Chairs With A Basic Dining Table

Modern chairs with traditional table

When we say pairing antiques with futuristic designs, the most common yet interesting combination is the tables and chairs. This basic yet classic dining table gets a distinct glamour when styled with modern armchairs. Likewise, you may go for the ever-stylish handmade furniture pieces (browse Theodore Alexander at That’s Living for the exclusive handmade furniture range) and let them shine with fine upholstered units and ambient lighting.

Old and new furniture together does not require any decorating guide to set the pairing right. The most intriguing, distinguished, and appropriate results are achieved when it feels good from the inside. For more inspiration, visit our website and browse the latest collection.

Make your home come to life!

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