Home Accessories That Bring The Right Decor Vibes To The Living Room

There are top-grade furniture units that fill the void at home. And then, there are complementary accessories that complete your space and bind the whole look together. A high-end living room design combines great furnishings and luxury home accessories that express your personal taste and style.

From the best conversation pieces to timeless classics that rejuvenate the bygone era, accessories really help accomplish the desired mix. You can include the basic photo frames & decorative items and the advanced artful versions with pillows & candle holders. With so many beautiful pieces available at That’s Living, it is easy to go antiquing with a contemporary blend and vice versa. Here’s the best curation to scope out.

Mirror Solaris

Speaking about the antiques, Mirror Solaris from That’s Living deserves to take the first spot. The timeless beauty is inspired by the 17th-century Gate of Honour of the Palace of Versailles. Radiating graceful energy, this piece features an eye-appealing sunburst silhouette and comes in large to make any common space sparkle and shine. This showstopping piece can be a thoughtful wall accessory in the foyer, above the sofa, and, perhaps, in a spacious bathroom for a luxe visual statement.

Solaris Mirror

An artistic mix of contemporary and Boho, the Stylized Leaf Set gives a casual aesthetic boost that most modern homes like to have these days. The printed abstract art gets a white wooden frame and is packed inside the clear glass, keeping the piece basic yet stylish. If you love repurposing your living space or the outdoor area with a funky twist, this could be your pick. It comes in a set of two, creating great visual interest and covering most of the wall.

Stylized Leaf Set of 2

Selecting unusual is usually best. You can play around with motifs as you start decorating with such pieces. Triton Coral brings underwater indoors, taking inspiration from the marine flora. It makes a clean-glass coffee table shine with abstract contemporary richness and would also look beautiful on a side table beside the sofa. Such unusual decorative units add instant character to the space and appeal to the eye likewise.

Triton Coral Accessory

Want something pretty and practical? The Knut Basket Set of 3 from Dbodhi is your pick. The naturally-woven storage units are made of Seagrass material for the perfect nature-inspired rustic look. With intricate hand weaving, this set will surely grab one’s attention. As this comes in distinct sizes, the Knut Basket Set can be used all at one place or in different areas of the home as per your need. It’s a durable and versatile item that can serve you for years.

Knut Basket from Dbodhi

Table lamps are decor boosters. They instantly fill the space with an oomph. For that offbeat look, Bayliss Table Lamp is the right choice for the entryway and the living room alike. Its hand-carved, unique stone silhouette is truly decorative and offers a stylish scene. It is further paired with a Pembroke Empire-inspired shade in White Linen that infuses a soothing glow when turned on. More such distinguished yet contemporary table lamps at That’s Living will make you find the right unit for your space.

Bayliss Table Lamp

If there is one decorative accent that can change up the ambiance of your place, it’s the candle. For homes, it’s the refreshingly enticing aromas that do the magic. The Rainforest Amazonia collection from Baobab allows you to travel through a cozy wonderland all day long. On the aesthetic side, the hand-blown opaline glass with Turquoise, Blue, and Brown glass confetti brings in the beauty of Brazil’s rainforest. It comes in three different sizes to suit your needs.

Rainforest Amazonia Baobab Candles

There are a myriad of decorative home accessories that double up as functional units. From stunning mirror designs to exquisite tableware and distinguished decor pieces to luxe home furnishings, accessories take your home’s style statement to a level up. Explore the wide range at That’s Living to give your nest the beauty it deserves.

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