Sustainable Modern Furniture – The New Definition of Luxury!

Luxury has been one of the prime aspects of residential and commercial living in the Middle East, and while the furniture segment here keeps balancing the cultural heritage with modern designs, what’s new in the luxe lifestyle is sustainability. Eco-friendliness and contemporary lines make a rich combination that creates a unique and durable composition.

To sustainably implement luxury, many well-known furniture brands focus on crafting pieces that have a longer lifespan. That’s Living, one of the Middle East’s finest contemporary furniture labels, offers the perfect blend of quality products and aesthetics. We are here to gift you bespoke units with correct spatial designs while keeping eco-friendly horizons in mind.

Let this be your guide to understanding more about sustainable modern furniture and luxury craftsmanship sprucing Middle Eastern homes.

The use of high-quality, noble materials

As luxury and sustainability are a mix of successful symbiosis, it adds value to upscale interior design. High-quality materials made from renewable resources do not just last a lifetime but promise timelessness that can be passed down from generation to generation.

That’s Living, and its partner brands offer fresh lines and subtle motifs that are organic and natural looking, perfect to complement the Middle Eastern geometry it is known for.

Rich fabrics that ensure class & comfort

The exquisite fabric upholstery on a myriad of sofa sets, chairs, cushions, and curtains made of sustainable materials makes such pieces not just last long but ensure comfort at their best. These organic, breathable fabrics are best suited for eco-friendly luxury furniture.

Get inspiration for rich Majlis setups in Middle Eastern homes at That’s Living by exploring our generous sectional sofas. The fine upholstery will get you the plush look and feel your living room deserves!

Designs that let you bond with nature

A little family time in your home’s backyard makes you bond with nature and your loved ones. As we connect to nature, it is equally important to understand the sustainable ways to protect it. We can do our bit by choosing furniture that helps us save our environment.

The intriguing Boho patterns and designs in furniture units, including dining sets and lounge sets will bring in the contemporariness and amp up your patio look instantly. It offers you the desired setup to have a joyful time with your family and the environment.

Us contributing to sustainable living

Middle Eastern homes deserve a spot outdoors as the weather welcomes everyone with its pleasantness. As we witness such an amazing time together along with the greens & blues around, it’s essential to give back to nature.

Apart from choosing eco-friendly furniture, the younger generations contribute to the cause by adding elements to their home that add to sustainable living. They implement that by spending time in outdoor areas, increasing natural light, using solar panels, and reducing power consumption.

The word ‘sustainable’ doesn’t mean drab and monotonous, making modern-luxury interiors outmoded. Today, skilled artisans show impressive operational procedures to craft contemporary home decor and furniture units that are made in good working conditions and encourage the use of eco-friendly materials showing significant impact on the environment.

At That’s Living, we redefine luxury by offering an exquisite furniture range of high-quality materials made in a truly safe environment. Browse today to learn more about That’s Living and its partner brands, and make your way towards living sustainably, consciously!

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