The Art of Luxury Living: Creating a Dream Home with That’s Living

When we say luxury, we mean a refined and elegant lifestyle that personifies us through objects and ideas. A rich mix of beauty, exclusivity, and quality combines the realms of luxury, and we can’t be prouder to bring That’s Living to you to elevate your everyday experiences. Your dream home décor is a few clicks away to unfold a vast pool of exclusive furnishings and home accessories that are inspired by the latest trends. 

Given that the idea of luxury living is different for different people, what works in common is to mirror your persona with artistic pieces. That’s Living and its associated world-renowned brands are known for their exquisite craftsmanship and unparalleled style. Further, in this blog, we will discuss creating a luxurious living space in exciting ways and see how your space can resonate with your vision.

Inspire Yourself First

Include furniture that reflects your personality & lifestyle

Make a clear vision of your choices. Look for inspiration around or talk to interior designers for a home that reflects your taste and style. It is your sanctuary so make sure you delve into the right interior design techniques. Our experts will help you guide through the dynamics of designing and curating a masterpiece that enhances luxury, comfort, and well-being.

Be Consistent with the Color Palette

A neutral color palette is a timeless choice

Neutral is the modern color. While a muted setting gives brighter and broader perspective to spaces, what is important is to be consistent with the palette throughout the home. Dynamic hues like royal blue or wine red define luxury to the other level but only when they are well-balanced. Neutral-toned furniture sets make way for modern luxury that many popular interior stylists prefer to choose.

Do Not Miss the Lighting

Accent lighting sets the right mood

The second name for luxury is accent lighting. A bright, well-lit home enhances your personality and is a testament to luxurious interiors. Modern lighting staples include gigantic chandeliers, task lighting, wall sconces, floor lamps, and table lamps. That’s Living lighting range offers all these beautiful pieces in remarkably elegant motifs that go well with a wide range of interior settings.

Invite Earthy Tones

Earthy tones invite freshness to the decor

Nature plays a big role in making homes shine. Tonal browns and greens not just invite a sense of serenity to the environment but can also add detail to the luxe aesthetic. From having colorful floral arrangements to accessories like baskets and rugs in natural fibers, invite earthy colors for an elaborate look. To get inspiration, browse our brands including Dbodhi, Narumi, and Adriana Hoyos for a convergence of art in your home.

High-End Furniture Scales Up Luxury

Luxury furniture is synonymous with class & comfort

A premium feel to the home is guaranteed with high-end furnishings that convey class and comfort. At That’s Living, you will be surprised to witness modern-contemporary furnishings and exquisite collections from brands worth investing in, including Ligne Roset, Ralph Lauren, Vanguard, and more.  To keep the luxury game on point, these furniture units are tailored with precision and high-quality materials, which makes them equal parts comfortable.

Let Fabrics Shine

Opt for soft, cozy fabrics

Textures make or break a deal, hence getting the right fabric in the right tone is worth considering. Also, fabrics elevate luxury and give your home an added appealing look. From Chenille to Velvet to Silk to Wool, all these upholsteries offer a magnificent visual uplift to interiors. Think of a soft and cozy sofa drape or a finely tailored rug, plush throws or tender cushions, fabrics bring that desired warmth and comfort a luxurious home is incomplete without.

We welcome you all to That’s Living – an international name for high-end furnishings that transform your space and elevate your lifestyle. As we are partnered with many European and American brands, we deliver the best of modern designs that surpass quality checks before stepped out for delivery. Discover our offerings and experience the art of luxury living!